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Networking is one of the essential activities of any person who wants to develop and build his/her future. I have made a long way developing in the field of networking and I can say for sure that this skill is an indispensable tool in the process of business development.

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topic: networking

The major resource in the modern world is time, not money any longer.

How you value and manage your time is an indicator of your professionalism. I help people to come up with a smart networking strategy, choose the circle of business acquaintances and spend their time as usefully and efficiently as possible.
My activity in the field of networking is very extensive.
One of the areas is private consulting in the sphere of personal and business networking within the Networking Expert company owned by me.
I also take an active part in a series of networking training programs. I am:
- the creator of the Networking 3D training and the NETWORKING GUIDE: skill to create honest relationships."
- the speaker at numerous forums and trainings, such as LABA, 1991 Open Data Incubator, and International Forum for the Promotion of Legal Services.

I lead an educational course

Six days of intensive work on the systematization and adjustment of all components of your law firm.

Building a system law firm
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training: Networking 3D

Incubator Project

We help to launch a real business "on a turn-key basis"

Pursuant to an agreement between LEMAN International Law Group and JSC CB PrivatBank, I am a private consultant in the InCUbator social project for the training and development of small and medium enterprises. My task is not only to teach entrepreneurs basics of business and support them morally, but also help them launch a real turnkey business.
I am sure that thanks to the right connections you will not only develop your own business, but also influence the transformation of business as such.

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topic: nicety of successful Networking


Speaking about negotiations, what matters is the competence of the negotiator and his/her ability to identify psychological types.


How to achieve results in negotiations

Negotiations are one of the key business interaction tools. Sometimes the most important decisions depend on the negotiation process and outcome. Thanks to my extensive legal practice, I learnt to sense the subtlest nuances of the negotiation process. I help my clients to get prepared for the upcoming negotiations, think of all points in advance, pay attention to details, and understand beforehand what results they expect from negotiations and how to achieve them.

I form a team

I form a team of legal business and lobbying sharks inside LEMAN International Law Group.


Competent distribution of resources of your business

The traditional cumbersome business system involving sole management and ownership outdated long ago. It has been replaced by modern mobile methods that expand business limits, enable actors to see outside of the box and find new sources for development. Partnership is one of the tools that brings new opportunities, but also allows business men to cleverly distribute their business resources and build new development strategies thanks to the symbiosis of efforts.
I help my clients to carefully consider partnership with other businesses, analyze risks and prospects, and take weighed decisions when choosing business partners.

Make decisions

I am not only a professional in my realm, I am also a business co-owner.

Every day I face the same obstacles and solve the same problems as my clients. I know how difficult it may be to make decisions, find the right answers and move on. It is what allows me to be on the same page with my clients, understand their problems and help overcome them.

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