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LEMAN company is a representative of a new model of business and client relations.

There is no time for long business formation in the modern ultra-rapid world. We started just in 2016 having initially chosen a well thought-out development vector. Making fast and weighed solutions, we have managed to prove our professionalism to the world and gained the trust of clients from all over the world.

We are happy to share that our persistence and professionalism are converted into recognition:

LEMAN company has become a nominee in the category “The fastest brand launch” according to the PLS Top Teams All-Ukrainian Research Program.

Shortlisted TOP-5

We are also proud that LEMAN company was shortlisted for TOP-5 in the nomination “Discovery of the year” by XI Legal Awards

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Modern sight

We believe that the development of economics and entrepreneurship is one of the main mechanisms for the formation of a developed society. That is why it takes an active part in initiatives whose aim is to develop certain businesses. LEMAN International Law Group is a member of the Ukrainian Entrepreneur Union within the E-Commerce committee initiative. Our company provides legal services to the Union members in the following fields: financial and banking law, IT and taxation, commercial and corporate law, and work with cryptocurrencies.

Full range of services

We provide a full range of services for the creation, development, purchase and sale of business irrespective of the country of origin.


True strategy

Excellent expertise and experience of such solutions enable us to help companies adapt to new conditions and legislative requirements. We help new businesses to choose the right strategy and old players to identify their weaknesses, build up the capacity and enter a new development phase.

Entering new markets

Our lawyers know how to enter new markets effectively and comfortably taking into account the clients’ objectives and demands.”

Absence of temporal or geographical barriers is one of our key advantages.
We help clients from all over the world to find successful solutions for investment, and entering new markets. We know how business can cross borders and integrate into the new, unknown foreign market



Creative approach in to the matter

Being an expert is not only about perfectly knowing the existing solutions and practices, but it also means keeping track of all changes in law and adjacent fields, both global and local.
I believe that a professional in any sphere is characterized by a creative approach.

Business and government

We sincerely believe that business and state can make a promising partnership, they have much to tell each other.

Government Relations

Any business sooner or later faces the difficulty of interacting with state bodies and authorities. We have gone a long way in this sphere and know how to reach a dialog with the state, find a common language and establish mutually beneficial relations through joint effort.

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