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I am a person that can never sit still.

Activities outside my main profession give me strength for new achievements. Every person has something that inspires him/her, and sport is a source of inspiration for me. I like sport because it charges you with incredible energy, reloads you and lets you move on towards your goal. In particular, I think that sport develops leadership qualities that are an integral feature of any businessman.

Tennis Business League

I develop the culture of sports

I am passionate about tennis – this game not only boosts my physical abilities, but also develops the ability to take fast, intuitive and correct decisions. That is why I like it!
I think it is important not only to do sports, but also to promote sports and develop the culture of sport. That is why I take an active part in sport life, I am the organizer of tennis tournaments and a member of the organizing board of the Tennis Business League.
I also play squash; this game is incredibly pleasant, especially for corporate sports competitions.

Protection of interests

Protection of society interests is the basis of the legal profession.


Charity is an important part of my life

Charity is an important part of my life because I believe that helping others nourishes humaneness. I always argue with those who think that only very rich people are privileged to engaged in charity. It is not true. The ability to share other’s fortune, indifference, help of any extent is what every person can do.
Each of us has gone through different times and nobody is immune, life is too changeable and the ability to sympathize with people is a quality that will be repaid a hundredfold.

Help those who are at the beginning of the journey

I sincerely support the young generation and believe more than anybody that we must not only pass our experience over to the young, but also help and support those who are at the beginning of their road. Those who have faced difficulties know very well how valuable the elders’ advice is as well as assistance in learning and development.
This is why I am trying to spend time and effort on the younger generation, meet them, share my experience and support their aspirations and ambitions.
LEMAN company is a partner of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and we jointly help children to learn more about law and provide the necessary materials for this purpose.

Partner KNU of T. Shevchenko

Partner Charity Evening to raise funds for orphanage

I am trying to support charity initiatives, for example, LEMAN company was a legal partner of the charity evening aimed to raise funds for the orphanage in Boyarka.
LEMAN International Law Group also signed a partnership memorandum with – Charity Fund Blagomay that aims to raise the awareness concerning the need to help children in orphanages.

Partnership with CF “Blagomai”

Book Networking 3D

A few words about my book

When my great experience, experiments, successes, mistakes, lessons, discoveries and victories became a huge baggage of knowledge, I decided to write a book to share valuable information with even more people. Like any real business - the creation of the book has become a difficult challenge. But I am proud that the accumulated information that I managed to structure and organize has become a really useful and valuable resource for drawing on the knowledge of those who, like I, seek an answer to the question of how to properly build connections.
"Networking 3D Art of friendship" is my first book, where I share my knowledge in the format of 25 practical exercises that simulate the situations that we all face. In it, I explain in detail how to make friends for the benefit of your own business, where to find the right friends and how to turn interesting communication with different people into a value for your business.

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